Psychodynamic Therapist in Seattle

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Summary of the Position:

Relational Psych is seeking to hire a psychodynamic therapist in Seattle, WA. The therapist will work from a psychoanalytic/psychodynamic lens and provide 20+ hours of remote/in-person psychotherapy to adults and/or children. Preference will go to those open to working with couples. Other clinical opportunities available based on specialties and training.

FLSA Status Class Start Date
Non-exempt Full-time Employee Immediately
Location Degree Required License Status Direct Clinical Manager
Seattle, WA MA, PhD, PsyD Psychologist, LMHCA, AAICSW, LMFTA, LMHC, LICSW, LASW, LMFT Carly Claney, PhD

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

All Duties Available:

  • Minimum of 20 clinical hours (45 min) per week based on your areas of expertise:
    • Individual Adult Psychotherapy
    • Individual Child/Adolescent Psychotherapy (and parent sessions)
    • Couples Therapy
    • Group Therapy
    • Psychological testing, report writing, and feedback
  • Supervision for psychotherapy or testing per availability and expertise

Training & Support (2 to 5 hours per week):

  • Psychoanalytic didactic sequence, as scheduled
  • Consultation groups, as scheduled
  • Individual supervision or consultation depending on license status
  • Monthly administrative meeting with office manager
  • Monthly team meeting

Administration: (1 to 3 hours per week)

  • Complete documentation within a timely manner (24 to 48 hours) - Permitted 1 hour administrative time per 10 clinical hours (up to 2 hours per week)
  • Consultation calls with prospective clients, as scheduled (15 min per call)
  • Optional duties available with approval:
    • Coordinate community event
    • Host psychoeducational classes
    • Network on behalf of the group
    • Other approved marketing tasks


  • Maintain a high retention rate for psychotherapy clients
  • Respond to messages within 24 hours during business hours
  • Coordinate care with other providers as necessary
  • Maintain licensure and abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics

Required Education and Experience

  • Masters degree or doctoral degree in psychology, mental health, counseling, or social work
  • Unrestricted or associate license in Texas
  • Grounded in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theories with high interest to specialize and deepen in psychoanalytic sensibility
  • Neurodiversity affirming
  • LGBTQIA affirming and competent
  • Value for diversity, social justice, and anti-oppression

Preferred Qualifications & Competencies

  • Commitment to working in a group practice for the long-term (at least 2 years) and interest in opportunities to grow within the practice
  • Open to difficult conversations, open to being wrong, open to being right, open to being impacted, open to being changed
  • Reliable with professionalism, honesty, trustworthiness, and respect
  • Value of clinical boundaries and online data privacy
  • Efficient and organized. Able to prioritize
  • Balance autonomy with collaboration. Self-starter and independent learner
  • Flexible and able to adapt when things change or are less than ideal
  • Attentive to detail with interpersonal dynamics, administrative tasks, and communication
  • High value of excellence


Hourly Pay Rates

Title Requirements Clinical Hourly Pay Admin Hourly Pay Supervision Hourly Pay
Psychotherapist Associate MA/MS, Associate License $60.80 $25.00 -
Licensed Psychotherapist MA/MS, Unrestricted License $75.00 $25.00 $90.00
Psychological Resident PhD/PsyD, Associate License $70.00 $25.00 -
Licensed Psychologist 1 (Psychotherapy) PhD/PsyD, Unrestricted Psychologist License $85.00 $25.00 $100.00
Licensed Psychologist 2 (Psychotherapy & Testing) PhD/PsyD, Unrestricted Psychologist License $87.50 $25.00 $102.50

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Weekly Pay: $0.00


Clinical Admin Support:

  • All business support so that you may prioritize your clinical work. Our administrative support includes quality referrals, marketing, practice management tools, paid memberships to directories, and office space.
  • Structure and support in how you hold the therapeutic frame for the clients. This may include but is not limited to the medium of sessions (online and in-person), fees and cancellation policies, frequency and scheduling of sessions.
  • Paid group consultation and training as a reflection of our high priority and value of ongoing development. We’ve modeled our education department after a psychoanalytic certificate program to provide richness to your ongoing clinical development.
  • Paid supervision or individual consultation with advanced psychoanalytic clinician, even while fully licensed. We believe that ongoing professional development & support is protective against burnout and necessary for depth oriented psychotherapy.
  • Paid administrative and marketing time.
  • Flexibility to offer reduced fee to clients without reducing your direct compensation; the company will absorb the difference in revenue based on individual goals.
  • Malpractice insurance.

Health & Wellness Benefits:

  • Health Insurance group plan for Medical, Vision, and Dental (only eligible for those meeting 20 clinical hour requirement)
  • 401k Retirement Plan (currently company pays to host this but does not contribute financial matching)
  • W-2 Tax Benefits including Social Security, Medicare taxes, Unemployment insurance, Workers comp insurance, Family Leave/Medical Leave Insurance (approximately 10-15% of gross salary)
  • Paid sick leave (1 hour per 40 hours worked)
  • Yearly bonuses (eligibility is for those employed greater than one year and is dependent on company’s financial performance)


  • Office snacks, coffee, and sparkling water
  • Paid parking or equivalent metro pass
  • Flexibility to work from home 2+ days per week
  • 4 day work-week (condensed or split)
  • Company-owned equipment & software for employee use
  • Password manager (including 10 free subscriptions for friends/family)
  • Company provided VPN for internet security and data privacy
  • Quarterly happy hours and other events for the team
  • Access to library of clinical books & input in investing in learning resources
  • Possible career advancement and leadership opportunities as the group grows

About the Practice: Relational Psych

Relational Psych, PLLC is a growing group practice providing individual and couples psychotherapy and psychological testing in Seattle, WA. Relational Psych values relational psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theories at the core of clinical work and provides services that prioritize long-term growth. Some of our specialties include childhood developmental trauma, young adults experiencing transition and development with their identity, adolescents, chronic depression and anxiety, neurodiversity, and personality assessment.

Relational Psych is fundamentally relational and values long-term relationships with the team, our clients, and the community. The team dynamic is process-oriented and balances mentorship with collaboration and training. As a business, we desire to provide clinicians with the structure, resources, leadership, and community to foster your growth and success. We believe that the clinician is the best tool in the room and thus the most valuable part of the business. We seek to develop individual strengths by supporting your interests as they align with the practice values and provide you with professional opportunities to grow within the group and community.

We value diversity — in backgrounds and in experiences. We believe diversity not only includes race and gender identity, but also age, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, religion and many other parts of one’s identity. All of our employee’s points of view are key to our success, and inclusion is everyone's responsibility.

The primary intent for psychotherapists at Relational Psych is to be supported in continuously developing their psychoanalytic sensibility while expanding their competence and providing excellent care. For testing psychologists, it is to be supported in continuously developing their assessment skills, deepening their capacity to conceptualize, expanding their competence, and providing excellent care. For leadership, it is to support others from an integrated and grounded perspective that balances the needs of the clinic with the needs of the individual.

We are diverse in our professional qualifications and lived experience and aligned in our desire to grow, to be good humans, and to provide excellent psychological care.


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