The Taboo of Grief, Death, and Dying with Rachel Stapleton
Published on
June 4, 2024

The Taboo of Grief, Death, and Dying with Rachel Stapleton

Hosted by 
Dr. Carly Claney

In this episode of The Relational Psych Podcast, Dr. Carly Claney sits down with Rachel Stapleton, a licensed independent clinical social worker specializing in grief, loss, chronic illness, and end-of-life care. Together, they explore the pervasive discomfort surrounding conversations about death, dying, and grief in our society. Rachel shares her insights from years of experience as a hospice social worker and discusses the parallels between birth and death, emphasizing the importance of normalizing and honoring both transitions.

Throughout the conversation, Dr. Claney and Rachel delve into the nuances of grief, from sudden loss to chronic illness and complicated grief. They discuss the importance of validating all expressions of loss and bereavement, and offer guidance on how to navigate the complex emotions that arise during these challenging times. Rachel also shares valuable advice on preparing for end-of-life, emphasizing the gifts we can give our loved ones by clearly communicating our wishes and taking care of legal matters in advance.

This episode offers a compassionate and empowering perspective on confronting our own mortality and supporting others through grief. Whether you have personally experienced loss or want to be better equipped to support loved ones facing end-of-life, this conversation provides a roadmap for cultivating meaning, finding peace, and fostering connection in the face of life's most difficult transitions.