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Schedule Your Free Consultation Call

We know reaching out for help can be vulnerable, so we want you to know what to expect. During this 15 minute call, our care coordinator will work to:
  • Learn about you and your needs
  • Schedule your first appointment
  • Match you with a clinician
  • Schedule free consultation call with your practitioner, if desired
  • Answer any of your questions in detail
  • Send you onboarding documents if you continue
Ally Raye
The admin assistant taking your call
"Ally is excellent at communicating with clients. She is warm, compassionate, and understands that reaching out for therapy can be really overwhelming and hopes to make the process of getting started simple."
- Dr. Carly Claney, CEO and Founder of Relational Psych

Hear our podcast episode with Ally to get to know her and the process of starting at Relational Psych