Season 2 Trailer
Published on
September 7, 2023

Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of the Relational Psych Podcast begins on September 19th!
Hosted by 
Tyson Conner

Tyson Conner  00:10

Hello, Listener. Do you want to learn about psychological growth without sorting through the jargon? You're in the right place. This is the Relational Psych podcast. I'm your host, licensed therapist, Tyson Conner. On the show, we learned about the processes and theories behind personal growth and experience a little bit of it ourselves. This season, we're focusing on the word relational. Over the next few months, you'll hear my interviews with a group of lovely, thoughtful and fascinating people. All of our conversations will engage with categories of relationship, and human relationality. Sometimes, we'll discuss concepts from and the practice of contemporary relational psychoanalysis. As you'll hear in my conversation about adolescent therapy with Don Schimmel,

Don Schimmel  00:52

You have to learn to love defiance. If you don't like defiance, then you're going to get into a power struggle. But if you enjoy defiance, which I happen to do, is that you go with it.

Tyson Conner  01:02

And my conversation about sex and gender was Sally Bjorklund. 

Sally Bjorklund  01:05

People use sex for all different kinds of psychological needs. But what I hope happens in therapy, each individual gets to have a personal connection with an understanding of how they use their own sexuality, how they experience it.

Tyson Conner  01:21

Other times, we'll discuss topics that come up in psychotherapy, and how to engage with those topics from a relational perspective, which we'll hear in my conversations about suicide with Dr. Tyson Bailey,

Tyson Bailey  01:31

The techniques that guide our work are really important as therapists and they can be very meaningful for the folks who come in. However, the research clearly shows that the relationship is the most important factor when it comes to therapeutic change, regardless of modality, and regardless of what brings somebody into therapy 

Tyson Conner  01:50

And grief with Peter Jabin,

Peter Jabin  01:52

Losing what we love is usually where we start in our journey with grief. It's where the world finally gets to us and breaks our heart open. Where we usually think of a broken heart as a bad thing, but it breaks us open to actually be present to the world.

Tyson Conner  02:10

And sometimes we'll discuss concepts that transcend the realm of psychotherapy, even as they permeate it. As in my conversation about teaching and learning with Rachel Newcombe.

Rachel Newcombe  02:20

Because if you go in knowing anything can happen, it's both terrifying and it's also quite freakin thrilling. You know, something's always being made. And that's the site of learning. That's what I feel is the site of learning

Tyson Conner  02:37

And my discussion of the social unconscious with Karen Weisbard.

Karen Weisbard  02:40

We all want to eliminate suffering, we have very different ideas of how that might happen. And we can't really eliminate suffering. But we all, I think, are trying to be healers, even though it looks on the outside like some people are full of hate.

Tyson Conner  02:59

I hope that you find this season intellectually stimulating, emotionally engaging, and even fun to listen to. Keep an eye out for the Relational Psych podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts. Season Two begins September 19.